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Your vision, protected from concept through completion

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About Us

We are here to help our clients realize the best possible outcomes according to their vision.

A successful project is greater than the sum of its parts. It requires balancing a complex interplay of interests between many parties, especially owners, architects, and contractors. Our experience, gained from various positions, provides a highly unique perspective. Facilitating thoughtful and efficient collaboration between all stakeholders, we allow each to do their best work, resulting in the best outcomes for our clients.
In our years of experience working closely with and as the key players on a diverse number of projects, we observed consistent themes that resulted in failed projects.

When stakeholders are working independently of each other, without a central nervous system, there can be dissonance that critically undermines the project’s success. Yet, in order to operate effectively, a central hub needs to intimately understand the nature and needs of each aspect. This requires a very unique set of skills and experience that, unlike most owner’s reps, Effectus Group exhibits.

Our goals are to deliver the best possible project, on time and on budget, saving our clients time and money. Our process is simple and adaptive, yet challenging when done correctly. We fully understand the needs of the project. We develop clear and thoughtful master plans. We use those plans to manage the design process and construction process. We meet or exceed client expectations.

Pocketbook Factory

Assisting clients convert the largest historical building in Hudson into a multi-use space, including a boutique hotel, restaurant, gallery, and retail space. Effectus Group is guiding the team through the design and pre-construction phase, while engaging a local builder to prepare the site for construction.

Size 70,000 sf
Architect Liam Turkle
Year 2021 -2024

SELECT Projects

Our work crosses a spectrum of sectors – from hospitality to cultural to residential


Managing the gut renovation of a charter school into a Class A, mixed use, office space, from concept and budgeting through design and completion. Effectus Group is working with the developer to transform this space with strategic design, focusing money where it has the greatest impact.

Size 55,000 sf

Architect Modus

Year 2018 – CURRENT

168 Plymouth Street

Managed the conversion of the “last warehouse space in Dumbo” into a high end condominium.  Working with the client – who acted as the contractor, designer, and owner – Effectus Group transitioned the project from construction to punch list, producing a world class and pristinely designed finished product.

Size 100,000 sf

Architect Alloy

Year 2021

489 State Street

Currently representing the owner, beginning with the construction phase of this passive house school. Effectus Group is liaising with the owner, architect, and builder on a complex, multi-project site that is due for completion in 2024.

Size 170,000 sf
Architect ARO
Year 2021 – 2024


Using owner provided plans and leveraging a contracting relationship, Effectus Group value engineered the project budget down ~$1.9MM, with primarily finish specifications. Throughout this process, we were able to alert the developer to multiple scopes that did not communicate with each other in the plans.

Size 8,000 sf

Architect Beck Group

Year 2019

Grace Farms

Effectus Group managed all trades while resolving design issues on-site with architects and subcontractors. Weekly reviews for schedule, budget, and design concerns kept the project on target. Effectus Group also worked with Pentagram to create branding and graphics for the foundation.

Size 83,000 sf

Architect SANAA

Year 2015 -2017


*Performed while at Paratus Group